Sunza Rock Festival 2019 Awesome!

Last week we have played “Sunza Rock Festival” in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan.

It was a Christian music conference and music festival.

In Japan, we have so many “music festivals” but this kind of “conference” thing is not very common, let alone “Christian Music Conference”.

So this is a very rare opportunity and we think it’s awesome!

Some notable Worship bands from Taiwan, Australia and Indonesia. (The Calling, Hillsong College, JPCC worship)
Some great gospel chorus group from Bahama. (They were called Shabacks)
Also great Christian musicians from all over Japan. (Some were multi-national bands that reside in Japan)

So it was a very international event.

We met so many people there.
We met new people. We also saw our friends we met in the past.
It’s great all those people were there!

It’s was an honor for us to play this festival.
Of course we rocked hard and people went crazy!!

It’s was a hot summer day and we felt it a bit harder than usual to play our instruments but when we were done, people loved it!!
Thank you very much!! It was God’s blessing!

We think this “Sunza Rock Festival” is something special.
Taking place in the beautiful Hamanako lakeside, I can see this festival will continue to grow and many Christian artists will be coming.

We hope we will come back and rock again next year!!



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