I still believe in…


This is an translation of what I posted on our Japanese website on 13th June 2019.
I don’t want to be too political especially on this English website but I had to.
(Even though I don’t think my poor translation conveys what I meant in the original Japanese text..)


I still believe in democracy.
I still believe in humanity.
I still believe in freedom.
I still believe in God.
….and you can call me crazy.


Because I don’t believe in social media very much, I don’t often post something political. At least I haven’t done it for a while.
To me what we do in the real world is more important.

However I can’t stop thinking about Hong Kong.
For another issue, when I hear Christian people are being persecuted in China, I feel my fist trembling with indignation.
I feel the same indignation when I hear the minority Muslim people being persecuted there.

In this world so many evils, persecutions, tragedies are happening.
I really feel I’m powerless.
However, if I had become a president of the world government, I’m sure I would still feel powerless.

What should we do to protect Democracy?
So many things we have to fight.
Desperately so many things we have to face.

Even though I don’t believe in Politics, still I believe in Democracy.
Because I feel there is “salvation” included in the notion of democracy.

To realize that notion, we have to overcome so many desperately difficult issues and trials.

Hong Kong is not a problem of somebody else’s.
Here I’m not talking about military affair.
I’m saying that because I don’t think things are much different in Japan.

When I was a kid, I saw this North Nation on TV and thought they were really funny. Funny nation funny place.
But as I grew older, I realized that we were in fact not much different.

What will become of this world in the future?
What will become of Asia?
What about Japan?

Human Being is a being that gives up his/her own freedom.
For money, for safety, for status, for privilege. Even if they are not real, people willingly give up their freedom. For most people, some money in their real life is more important than uncertain freedom.

Just like that, compromises are made one by one, Rockn’Roll has become an uninteresting thing. People forget soul and freedom once found in Rockn’Roll. That’s not different in Japan.

I sometime feel like we are now making Rock’n Roll independently from power and money, for the future world all the people have forgotten what freedom is.
Because for just playing sound, just playing some notes, it’s unbelievably difficult to do it in freedom.

In spite of those difficulties, I still believe in Freedom. I still believe in Democracy.
I still believe in people making choice and its power.

I think I would rather choose my own death rather than to give up freedom. Even though I only have tiny little freedom in my hands.
Of course I’m not sure I can choose death when the time has come. Maybe I will survive in disgrace.

Oh how bloody this world is.
But it’s our job to face this “blood” for Christians since long ago.
Most of us be martyred, that’s the same old story.
Do you have the guts to live in such a cruel world?
Do you have the guts to die like that?

Honestly I don’t.
But I’m already living in this world.
No I don’t have the guts to sing about freedom.
But I already have sung those songs.
Oh well.

Man is weak. No one is strong.
I’m not strong either.
Knowing that, I can’t help but pray for those people in Hong Kong fighting for freedom.

May God help us all.
In Jesus’ name.


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