A little acoustic tune and “Prototypes”

Just a small update:)

We are basically (without a doubt) a small unknown indie band.
Some of you may know, we have a long history of making music, even before we became a “Christian band”.

I, Tak Nakamine, was making music even before this band was officially formed into a “band”, if you know what I mean. I was recording music just by myself.

So here is an album “Prototypes”. (I call it “small album” because it only has 8 songs on it)
I recorded it back in 1999.

There was a little cute acoustic song called “Flowers”.

I wrote and recorded it in 1999. But back then, I didn’t have an acoustic guitar. (Does it surprise you?)
So, I used Boss Acoustic Simulator effect pedal and tried to make it sound like an acoustic song.

Fast forward to 2017, now I have a “decent” acoustic guitar. (Made by Headway Guitars, Japanese guitar manufacturer, if you want to know.)
So I decided to “re-record” this song, using a real acoustic guitar.

Here is the result.

Also, I did one more thing to “revise” this old album.
I replaced one “Oh too young” ballad with a Christian worship song I wrote in 2015.

You may think it’s funny to “re-write” our past history. You can’t do things like this if you are a famous band. But we are a small indie band and we have always been working with “limitation”. So sometimes we may well benefit from “grace of time”, I guess, to make things better.

In anyway, this is one of our older albums and all songs are sung in Japanese language. But I want to let you know, this album “Prototypes” is now on iTunes/Spotify and other digital stores, too.
So check it our, if you please;)



Just to update, now we are 1) Making artwork for the new album “Jesus Wind” and 2) Rehearsing fiercely for the next project(s).

God bless you all!
See you soon!
Tak / Imari Tones





私、Tak Nakamineは、このバンドが公式にバンドの形になる前から、音楽を作り続けてきました。つまり、一人で音楽を録音していました。









近況を報告すると、私たちは今、1)新しいアルバム”Jesus Wind”のジャケットのアートワークを作っています。2)次のプロジェクトのためにいっしょうけんめいリハーサルをしています。

Tak / Imari Tones


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