METAL JAPAN compilation CD!!

Imari Tones is honored to announce that we were included in “Heavy Chains Vol.2”, Japanese heavy metal compilation CD by METAL JAPAN, Japanese heavy metal webzine!

Bunch of cool metal bands from all over Japan are on this CD. We have 2 of our songs included, which are “Faith Rider” and “Iron Hammer”.
Also, Tone’s side project “Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode” has 1 song included on this CD.

Being a part of compilation CDs is an important step for Japanese rock bands. So we are happy to be on this CD among other great bands.

METAL JAPAN “Heavy Chains Vol.2” is available on our BandCamp page.
$20 may seem like a bit pricy to those living outside of Japan (pretty normal for Japanese CDs), but there is no shipping fee. So take advantage of this opportunity and check out this CD and cool Japanese metal bands!
(For some price contract reasons, we take $1 shipping fee for shipping INSIDE Japan.)



Buy “Heavy Chains Vol.2” at BandCamp

Here is the track list


03 – Cosmic Red / HEAT ISLAND 

04 – Rebellion / Amalgam 

05 – I feel myself / EASTERN SANDS 

06 – You endure / EASTERN SANDS 

07 – Faith Rider / Imari Tones 

08 – Iron Hammer / Imari Tones 

09 – Soldiers Into Hell / Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode 

10 – 決壊前夜New version / Alchemy Crystal 

11 – AufHeben / AufHeben 

12 – Riot for the Reunion feat.吉村進也(BLAZE UP&WRECKING CREW) / Re-code the Name


Thank you very much.
God bless and Rock on!

Tak “Tone” Nakamine / Imari Tones

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