Real Life Music Theory


This is something I posted on Instagram. But I think it’s really interesting, so I post it here.
It’s about music theory, things in life, relationship between family and friends.


My music theory
1st note is your point of view. Each person has a different key.
Half step up I don’t really want to talk about it. (It’s your ego.)
2nd note is your partner. You walk together but sometimes you collide.
Minor 3rd is the sadness you feel.
Major 3rd is your family and friends.
4th note is your regular life.
Sharp 4th is where the devil hides.
5th is joy in this world. Fun but sometimes sinful.
Sharp 5th you step out. Maybe something has gone wrong.
6th note you reflect.
On the 7th you repent.
Major 7th you are ascending to the seventh heaven.
Octave you hear the voice of God.
9th you will be on cloud nine.
After that I don’t really know. Some people say “extensions”, some people call it “eternity”. But I’m sure it goes on and on until we don’t even know.



If you can feel music you know this is just a fraction of the whole thing.


Unnecessary FAQ: Which note is your child?
A: Play 8th and 9th note one after another repeatedly and you will have a kid. (And he/she could be on another keyboard. Sometimes it’s a different instrument.)



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