Christian Samurai NFT?


An indie band from Japan releases NFTs?
Is this really happening?

Yes, I think so.
But the problem is I don’t really know what to do with it.
So probably we need you help on this.


[What’s going on with our NFT project?]

Hi this is Tak from Imari Tones, the Japanese Christian heavy metal band.

Yes it’s true we have been working on our NFT project for a while now.

So today, I want to tell you what is going on.


It was 1 year ago, I think it was sometime in November last year.

I received a message from a company called Anifie.

They were a tech company from California. Located somewhere in or around Los Angeles.

The founder was a Japanese guy. So naturally we talked in Japanese.

And he asked me if we wanted release NFTs.

And my answer was “What is that?”


It was a new thing, it was a buzzword. Probably by now everyone has heard of it.

It was something about crypto currency, it was something about the Metaverse.

(They said it was a new way for musicians to make money because since the internet, YouTube and Spotify, musicians were not really making money.)


I was skeptical at first.
And to be honest, I’m still somewhat skeptical.
Because I don’t really believe in money.

You know, I’m an artist, I’m a musician.
So I don’t really believe in money, business, and that kind of secular stuff.

However I believe in ideas, messages, dreams, hope, and Faith.
So I decided to focus on the spiritual message.


And what I want to tell you about, is Japanese Christian legacy.

Because, even though people think Japan has been a Buddhist nation, we actually have a Christian history and Christian legacy.

That is called “Kirishitan”.

Back in 16th and 17th century, we had so many Christians in Japan. We had so many Christian Samurais, and Christian Princesses.

But they were all persecuted, exiled, and killed.
Many people forgot that tragic history.

So I decided to make our NFT collection based on this “Kirishitan” history.


Yes it’s a Christian Samurai NFT.
We are gonna tell the world about this Japanese Christian legacy, and we are gonna spread the positive message of God.


Luckily, the founder of the tech company is also a Christian person. And he liked this idea.
It turned out that we have some common friends among Japanese Christian community.
I think that’s the reason they wanted to work with us in the first place. Because we are a Christian band.

At first they made an artwork like this.
It was a pixel art of Samurai fighters.
I liked it a lot. But now they are redoing the artwork because they want to make it nicer.

So probably our NFT, the finished products, will look like this, this, and this.

We are hoping to release them soon. Hopefully sometime within this year, or early next year.


Like I said, I don’t believe in money.
And honestly, I don’t really know how NFT works.
We are not good at business. Because we are music makers. We are not businessmen.

So I think, we need your help on this.


We want to spread the message.
So that’s the part we will work on.

Our hope is to reach people with this Christian Samurai message.
We want you to use this NFT for Christian missionary purpose.

So here is a couple of things we offer, for the holders of our NFTs.


You can use our songs, our videos, photos, and song lyrics, without limitation, as long as it’s for a missionary purpose.
You can play our songs at your church, you can use our songs in your videos, you can post it on the internet, if you are a holder of our NFTs.

Another thing is, I will write songs, exclusively for the holders of our NFTs. Those songs will be written for missionary purposes, with a message that resonates with people’s hearts, especially for Japanese people. So probably I will write them in Japanese. Maybe both English version and Japanese version. I want you to use these songs to reach people. I want you to post them on social media, I want you to play them for yourself, you can record your own version, whatever. Because there is no copyright restriction as long as you are a holder of the NFTs.

I think I can offer 3 songs per year. And I will be working on the first one soon. It’s totally different from Imari Tones’ heavy metal music and I’m really excited about that.

Also we will keep posting about Christian Samurais with Bible verses, historic facts, and positive messages.


So how can you help us with this?

I don’t know.
Obviously you can help us by buying one of these NFTs.

The tech company says we are going to release 10,000 NFTs. They say we are doing it to build a community. A community with a message.

But the tech company says, not only buy the NFTs, they also want you to sell them.
You buy it, and you sell it, they say that’s how the message will spread.
And each time you buy it, you post it on the internet, on social media, telling the world about this Japanese Christian legacy.

They want you to spread the message by buying and selling these NFTs. I think that’s what they told me.


The NFTs will be available on the website called OpenSea. I think that’s what they said.

And you can buy it with a crypto currency called Polygon. If I remember correctly.

And they said, you will need an application called MetaMask, in order to buy it.

So you can start preparation by checking out OpenSea, learning how to use crypto currencies, and learning how to use MetaMask.


The name. The name of the NFT collection.
That’s what I’m wondering.

At first we were going for “Kirishitan Kingdom”.

Because we wanted to build an imaginary kingdom for Christian Samurais on the internet.

But some people said they wanted a simpler name.
because the word “Kirishitan” is not very common.

So now we are thinking about simply calling it “Christian Samurai” NFT.

Do you think it’s a good name?

Please let me know.


Thank you very much!

God bless you.
See you again soon.


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