Acoustic Cover Songs


So this year we did a bunch of acoustic shows.

Tone&Shinryu played local shows around Tokyo/Kanagawa region under the name of “藍色伊万里” (Aiiro Imari – or Imari Blue).


Because of this, Tone’s singing skill has become better.
It was all good training for his singing.


One of the results is here.

We did a live stream on Instagram on November 26th 2021.
It was a practice day for our acoustic performance.

It was just a casual acoustic practice but for some reason we decided to go online and do a live streaming without a notice.
We did it just because it was fun.

We played some cover songs, such as Queen, Van Halan, and Switchfoot.


When playing stripped down acoustic songs, it’s all about singing. But I think we did a good job. Tone’s singing skill was better than before.

Of course we did very well with our own songs.

But singing those cover songs was a challenge.
Honestly, I didn’t think I could sing these songs before, especially in a live situation.


We posted 2 cover songs from that streaming live performance.


Freddie Mercury / Queen / “I Was Born To Love You”


Van Halen (Sammy Hagar) “Dreams” (this is a tough one)


It’s not perfect but Tone’s singing is getting better.


Honestly, I never consider myself a heavy metal singer. My voice is more for pop songs and I consider myself some kind of a glam rock singer.

For some reasons I ended up singing lead in my band.
But I will try my best, because it’s all about message.
And it’s all about the message of love.


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