New Release “Nabeshima Demo” on Patreon


Hello people!
We have released “Nabeshima Demo” exclusively on Patreon.

To let you know what it is, “Nabeshima” is a name of the Ultimate Japanese Christian Metal named after the old Japanese porcelain art.


We have completed making the album in May 2020.
But it will take some more time to release it. (Because we have to do the artwork and stuff.)

So before that, we have decided to release the “Demo version” as a trailer.


Yes, it’s a demo version. But we made it with quality. Because back then, we were not sure if we could ever make the album. We made it so that we can release it, even if we would not be able to actually make the album. (Fortunately now we did.)

So I’m sure you will enjoy the music. It’s a kind of “early access” to the Nabeshima music. That means you can taste Nabeshima twice: Demo version and complete version.


“Nabeshima Demo” is available on our Patreon page.
If you don’t know it, Patreon is a website where you can support your favorite artists.

It’s included in “Everything Club” which is $10 monthly.
There we write a new song every month and you can enjoy other secret contents.
We offer “Nabeshima Demo” as a special bonus for our supporters.


“Nabeshima” is a double album with 24 songs, sung in English and Japanese. It’s based on Japanese traditional music and very special one of a kind music.

I think we can release the complete version sometime in 2021 (Hoping things will go well). But if you can’t wait, you can hear those songs in “fresh” demo version.


Check it out here.


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