Reviewing 2018


Rehearsal place selfie (The picture is for illustrative purpose. Actual person may look different… )

This year 2018 was a big change for our band.
Here is the things we did or went through…


– Promoting “Jesus Wind” album
It’s definitely our “best ever” metal album!
Check it our if you haven’t yet.


– Finishing “Overture” album (mixing&mastering in January&February)
We, with our long time lineup, continued to make music until the last moment together.


– Releasing “Overture”, the first ALL JAPANESE Christian album we have ever made
It’s different, but it’s still awesome!
Check it out please (^^)


– Recorded 3 songs for “First Album” project
Very special songs with surprising sounds
Will announce sometime next year…


– Making many music videos
Just like always. 4 or 5 songs?
Check this out because this is cool but the least played.



– Played some acoustic gigs (Tak solo)
If you are curious, this is what it sounds like!




– Breaking up the long time lineup (sad)
Imari Tones lineup since 2008, [Tak, Hassy, Jake] has ended. We said goodbye and Hassy and Jake left the band.


– Preparing for the new start (a new hope)
Tak has, since August, started secret rehearsals with the “new lineup”. It sounds better than ever and it’s gonna be a very special band.
We will give you an official announce when we are ready next year and we can’t wait!!



Other than these things, we have experienced so many changes in our life.
Just like everyone else we have so many life things and life events.
We struggle, get over and find a way.
But if you have found us this year, Thank You Very Much!
and if you have stayed with us this year, Thank You Very Much for your support!!


And one more thing, God has been faithful, VERY GOOD to us this year, too!!
So Thank You JESUS!
We pray so God bless you so much and so it will be a great year 2019 for everyone!!

Blessing to you all.


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