New Album Update: Ordered!!


Hi, this is Tak from Imari Tones.
Here is CD making update!!
Yesterday we finally have ordered the CD manufacturing to a credible factory in Japan.
It took us so long to design the 12-page-booklet with photos, lyrics and stories. (Phew, that was a tough work.) But we are very grateful because we are now able to make the CDs with the fancy booklet because of your help!!
I think it has turn out very well (at least at the point of seeing the sample PDF sent from the factory) and can’t wait for the release.
If everything goes right, the CDs will arrive at our office on/around November 2nd. We will autograph them at our weekend rehearsal and I think we will be able to ship them in the 2nd week of November. (and it will take some more to arrive for international shippings…..)
We will set up the digital downloads around the same time.
Just like we said before, for the people who helped us on IndieGoGo, we will include the bonus download package, that is “Tak’s teenage band song” and 2 unreleased songs from our past recordings.
Because “Jesus Wind” is a very important album for us, it took so long to release after the completion of recording (that was actually last year). We feel really blessed to be able to release it finally.
It’s our pleasure to share the excitement with you all.
Hope you feel the “Jesus Wind”, too;)
Thank you very much!
Tak / Imari Tones (Japan)



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