“Revive The World” Artwork revealed





Here is the artwork for our new album “Revive The World”.
The artist surely did a great job here.
She (the painter) is one of our “heavy metal friends” in Japan.
We asked her to draw whatever she was inspired to draw by the music.
Also we mentioned this “heal the earth” notion behind the album title.

So here is what we got.
What do you think?
We think it’s pretty cool.

Our new album “Revive The World” is planned to be released in coming September.
It’s full of “inspirational” songs, that are spiritually rich and musically diverse.
Music wise, it will definitely be our best-so-far album.

Just to remind you, some songs from the album are already on YouTube.


“Unknown Road”

“Born To Ride”

Thank you very much!
Tak / Imari Tones

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