Yokohama Dreaming music video

This is a music video of the song “Yokohama Dreaming”.
This song is included in the album “Japan Metal Jesus”, by Imari Tones.
We are the first ones to admit, this song was influenced by Van Halen. (laugh)
Tak always says his all time favorite band is Van Halen.
But there was a reason he wrote this song in this way.
We wanted to write a song about our local city Yokohama.
Because our good friend and pastor, Yao Amoabeng, has a song called “Yokohama” and it sounds very good.
So we decided to write a song dedicated to Yokohama, too.
And when we thought about that, we decided to make ths song sounds like Van Halen. More specifically, “Panama” by Van Halen.
Because “Yokohama” and “Panama” sound (a bit) similar.
Of course, we added our own essence and twist to it, but we’re pretty sure this song sounds like “Panama”. It’s like “homage” in other words.
Since we recorded this song, we had been thinking about making a video to it.
We like making videos.
I mean, we are not a famous band signed to a label.
We don’t have any big production.
But still, there are things we can express through music videos.
That’s why we often make this kind of cheap independent selfmade music videos.
We had a few ideas for “Yokohama Dreaming” video, but we didn’t have a chance to make it happen.
However, when The Extreme Tour Japan happened in October 2013, we realized that was the best timing to make this video.
During the tour Tak spent one day with The Burn Ins (from British Columbia, Canada), and we also did some video shooting when we played Yokohama Park, just by the Yokohama stadium. 
MinatoMirai area, which is the best part of Yokohama, is featured in the video. Also, with the guys from The Burn Ins, The Lacks, and C.J. Lassiter (we toured with them together in Japan), it’s like an international PR movie for Yokohama city.
And again, we tried to make it look like Van Halen song “Panama”.
Some people may not agree, but we tried to make this video look like Van Halen’s “Panama” video.
I’m not sure, because this is just a low budget independent video, while Van Halen video was a big production in 1980’s.
But I mean, we tried to make it as “fun” as Van Halen’s.
Of course, Tak loves Van Halen’s Panama video, too.
We used skateboarding as the important element in this video.
We tried to make it a “skateboarding in Yokohama” video.
Aaron from The Burn Ins was a skater and he helped us so much.
Tak’s skating in this video is not really good. Probably because he’s still a beginner and he didn’t have time to practice before/during the tour.
But there is something only the beginner can express.
Because once you become good, you will lose the beginner feeling.
In that sense, the goal is achieved.
Though Tak’s skating is not really good in this video, he still managed to make a kickflip with his guitar in his hands.
Also Aaron from The Burn Ins made a heelflip, even in the very limited time.
One of the reasons I’m happy with this “Yokohama Dreaming” video is, because I feel like I made a good homage to Van Halen “Panama” video.
Another reason is, because we feel we managed to put fresh “teenager spirit” in it.
Something like dream and hope.
Every person is born to shine, I believe.
The way he/she shines,
the place he/she shine,
it depends on that person.
Some people fly in a private jet,
some people drive Porsche,
some people drive Mercedes.
But for Tak,
he plays guitar,
playing music with friends from all over the world,
and pushing his skateboard.
That’s the way he can shine.
This video has it all.
That is the message of this video.
We hope this video will make you smile.


Tak / Imari Tones

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