A little update and 17 songs demo

 It’s been a while since we posted the last time!

Some of you may know, but Tak has been dealing with his personal family issues.
He is okay, don’t worry.
As he gigging with his side-project “Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode” (check the website here, http://www.kitchenkniferecords.com/jesusmode/), he is now making 17 songs demo for the future of IMARI TONES. We are enjoying some time off until those demo tracks are done.
Our future mission is obvious.
Of course we will play local gigs in Tokyo and Yokohama region just like we always did.
However, after that, we have to carry out “The Extreme Tour Japan” next year. That is not an easy mission but we will do it.
After that, eventually, we have to work on our USA VISA issue, so that we can play more shows in USA and have some little business success.
We need that kind of little success, in order to make our WORLD TOUR happen. Do you know what I mean?
For now, we will put more focus on selling our past albums & CDs on our catalogue through BandCamp and iTunes, because we have plenty of music we have recorded in our band history, both in Japanese and English language. We will post about it later.
Thank you very much!
God bless you all and have a happy Christmas and holiday season!
前回の投稿からずいぶんたちました。知っている人もいるかもしれませんが、Tak (Tone)は個人的な家庭の事情に取り組んでおりました。しかし心配しないで下さい。彼は大丈夫です。
Toneは最近はサイドプロジェクトである「熱きリョウとジーザスモード」(http://www.kitchenkniferecords.com/jesusmode/)でライヴをしながら、Imari Tonesの未来のために17曲のデモ作成に取り組んでいます。そのデモが完成するまで、私たちはちょっとしたオフタイムを過ごしています。
しかしその後は、来年はThe Extreme Tourを日本で実現させるという使命があります。それは簡単なことではありませんが、私たちは取り組みます。

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