“Kodomo Metal” CD on Amazon.com!!

This is NOT a new album!
Rather than that, this is more of a rehearsal for the new album.
Because now we are starting our own small record label !
This is our new attempt to sell our music independently.



This album “Kodomo Metal” is very old.
Actually, this album was recorded in, ahh, 1999!!
It’s one of Tak’s first recording works when he started writing his own music.
Yes we have a long history and we have so many “unknown” materials to sell.

The reason we decided to do this is because now we can sell our CDs on Amazon.com.
Selling actual CDs on Amazon.com is a big deal, at least for a Japanese indie band like us.
That’s actually CD-R, not replicated CDs. Something called Amazon Disk On Demand.
But we checked the quality and it turned out to be very good.
So we decided to do this, as a powerful method to deliver our music to you.

Here is the Amazon.com link.

Another important thing is “Liner Notes”.
Liner Notes and artworks.
Lyrics, inner sleeve, and traycard.
As you can see, we can’t put these things in digital downloads.
Also unfortunately, Amazon.com Disk On Demand only includes front cover artwork and we can’t put our own inserts and traycards there.
This is digital age and maybe no one cares about those things, but we care!

So we came up with another idea.
Digital Liner Notes.

We put lyrics, artworks, and background stories all in it.
We want to give the best thing to you and we believe this is something special we can offer in this digital music age.
So please download the liner note and take a look at it!


Though recorded a long time ago, this “Kodomo Metal” is a very unique and powerful album.
It’s eccentric mix of metal, grunge and hiphop, and you can’t find music like this anywhere else.

I made a video for one song from the album.
It’s a song called “Sou”.


Actually we made this video back in 2007, but this time I added some new footage.
It’s still a cheap home made music video, but I hope this song interests you.

If you are interested, check the rest of the album here at our BandCamp.

And don’t forget to check our little record label website!!

Thank you very much!
Tak / Imari Tones

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