STRYPER was awesome in Japan

Some of you may already know but last week Saturday STRYPER came to Japan and played at LOUDPARK festival. (It has been 22 years since they played last time in Japan)
 And, here is a picture with Tak&STRYPER.
Well, it’s nothing special. It’s meet&greet stuff many bands are doing nowadays.
But let me say this. It was SPECIAL!

Since we started playing Christian Rock, I always loved STRYPER. But their performance at LOUD PARK festival was more than I expected.

Every metal heads attended the festival was amazed by their awesome performance, especially Michael Sweet’s amazing voice and twin guitar harmonies.

It was almost something we can call a “miracle”. God’s glory was shown to Japanese metalheads.

Hope we can be a great band like them in a future.

-Tak / Imari Tones

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