USA East Coast Tour Thank you everyone!

Last month, we attended Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg PA.
And we played several other gigs, including churches and clubs.
It was just a short tour but it was fun.
And I think we got so many things.
First of all, thank you to Ken-san for our equipments.
And also thank you to Lei-san and Rea-san for Jake’s double bass pedals.
And thank you for everyone at MMC14. It was awesome.
Everyone we met at Open Mic night.
Thank you for Groove Session. You guys are awesome and keep in touch. Come to Japan!
Thank you for Brother Anthony.
It was amazing we met when we put one step out of our hotel room.
Such a blessing.
And Brandon Parsons, Dave Moran, True Witness, and 3Nailz.
It was such a blessing we all Christian bands played together and had fun.
And also everyone at Capitol Christian Church.
And on Sunday we had a concert at Gloryzone Ministries, long island New York.
And it was difinetely one of the best concert we had.
Such a blessing. Great church.
Thank you to Pastor Richy, and Pastor Cathe, and everyone at Gloryzone Ministries.
And off course, Petrel girls.
And thank you for Pastor Nishikori, New Jersey Japanese Christian Church.
And Hamada-san.
It was such a blessing we Japanese Christians meeting in USA.
And Mrs.Nishikori, we will never forget the curry and rice after the show.

Thank you to Otto’s Shrunken Head, East Village, NYC.
And thank you to Hardy Street.
Thank you to The Wonderland Ballroom.
And thank you to Blair Bush for helping us with our drumkit problem.
We will help you when you come to Japan.
Thank you for Mojo13 and thank you to Bleech. Let’s keep in touch.
And thank you to Atlas. You guys are so cute.



(Sorry it seems like I said something wrong before the show. We are learning how to speak English little by little. Next time I will know better.)
Thank you for Clash Bar.
And thank you to Devilhaus, Torrential Downpower, Nice Daughter.
You guys are really, really awesome. (or was it other band….?)
And thank you very much to Rich.
It was a great pleasure seeing you again.
I can’t believe it’s already 2 years since we met in the movie festival.
(And thank you to this great band….


And secretly I want to say thank you to this great Japanese band.
Because it gives us courage when we play in a foreign country.
All of the movies you can watch on our YouTube channel.
And you can watch the whole show at Gloryzone Ministries on top page of our website.
Thank you for our friends in Japan, especially our church friends at Victory International Church Yokohama. Pastor Yaw and everyone. Thank you for praying for us.
Thank you for Jun-san and Merry-san.
And Ryo-kun, thank you for sending the email to cheer me up. It gave me so much energy to overcome my weakness.
And most of all, our Lord, Jesus Christ, thank you for every blessing you gave to us, and giving us a mission to spread Gospel in our home country, Japan.
Hope we can go on to even greater journey.
See you guys soon!!
Tak “Tone” Nakamine
The First Christian Heavy Metal from Japan

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