Spotify2023: We have decided



[We have decided. We really start doing it!]

First of all, thank you very much!!
We’ve been wondering if we post this. But here’s our Spotify and YouTube wrapped for 2023!

It’s not a big number.
But it’s not bad considering that we didn’t release anything new this year.
And certainly it’s not bad for an independent band from Japan.


There are so many things and issues in the current music industry.
They say Spotify and other streaming services don’t pay musicians very much. That’s true. At the same time it’s true we can be heard by people all around the world thanks to those platforms.

We are living in a world ruled by social media and the internet. The world is governed by the power of AI and algorithm. We feel trapped in the very small box. However every time we play a local underground show, we still feel freedom and awesomeness. Rock music might have been dead for a long time. But it’s still alive and kicking when play in those places. (Non commercial venues and indie shows?)


If you really want to support us, please visit our Bandcamp page.
We have all the music. (So many albums and songs!)
Soon we will set up new T-shirts and CDs. (Please wait. Soon.)


We don’t really care about numbers.
We don’t make music to be successful. Business success is not our goal.

We are making music because we want to change the world.
Even if it’s a small change, if it’s genuine, then our goal is achieved.

You can change your life with music. And our music is designed to achieve that goal. We believe we can change the world, even if starting small. Probably we have made a small crack already in the secular world system which is governed by the devil.


We are almost done with the new album recording. (That is about the recording part. Mixing part is not yet but that is an easy part.)

Now that we are facing the world with our new music, we want to start something new.

That is not about the success people usually think.
We don’t try to be successful in the system or on platforms they make.
We try to define the meaning of success in our own style.


The bible says “don’t conform to the world” (and Jesus has already won over the world).

However, in reality, we often conform to the world, wanting our share of success. (Money, fame, social status, decent life, etc) We don’t want to do that anymore.


As a music maker, we have changed our own lives with the power of music. (That is also power of faith. Power of God.)
We have successfully changed the world, even if very small, for our family and friends. We want to do that on a larger scale. That’s why we started playing music.

We want you to change your life, too.
We want you to change your world. Just like our world has been changed by the power of God.

We want to show the world how it’s done.
We believe we can show you how to change this world.
That is our “defiance” here. That is our fight against the devil.


Probably we’ve been too busy making music. So much music.
But I think we already made enough. Enough to tell the whole life story. (Please have high expectations for our new album titled “Coming Back Alive”!)

So now we want to start doing it.
We go to a new stage. We start fighting.
We start doing it from this moment.

That is what we will be doing in 2024.


See you soon!


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