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"Heroes EP"

Recorded in June 2012-March 2013
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3:Follow The Light
4:Ai No Iro
5:Kiseki Wo Kudasai
6:Famicom Thrash
7:Precious (Live)
Imari Tones has been always a very productive group of musicians. We are probably one of the most (musically) productive indie bands in the world and we take a great pride in it.This disk, is an EP, which means it contains fewer songs than a full album. We planned to make this EP as a bridge to our next project. Our initial plan was just to record a couple of songs and some acoustic worship song in Japanese language (Ai No Iro). However, we also wanted to record a Japanese version of our worship song "Give Us Your Miracles", that turned into "Kiseki Wo Kudasai".And we recorded this funny Thrash Metal song for our friends at Famicom Dojo, which is "Famicom Thrash". And now we have this nice live version of "Precious" recorded at Misono Baptist Church, on March 16, 2013. Now it's almost like an "Extra EP" with so many special songs. "Overcome" is one of our most powerful rocking calling out Jesus name. "Heroes" is a patriotic song dedicated to all the unsung heroes in human history. And "Follow The Light" is a song dedicated to both Tak's father passed away in 2012 and Hassy's father passed away in 2013. Much more than we initially planned, this Heroes EP is a representation of our identity as a Japanese band, as much as it's our personal favorite emotionally and spiritually.
"Japan Metal Jesus"

Recorded in March-December 2011
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1:Praise & Worship
2:The Concept
3:Jesus Train
4:Yokohama Dreaming
5:Living Water
7:You Key
8:Making Sure All The Gods Are Happy
10:Give Us Your Miracles
11:Shito Shinjo
12:Living Water (Japanese version)
Imari Tones is a funny band. Not only because they are a Christian rock band, but because they have many contradicting factors. They started as an ordinary secular band and somehow they turned into a Christian band. They are playing for international market while their goal is to reach Japanese people. We are a Japanese Christian band playing metal music. But many people told us that there was nothing in common between these things, Christianity, Heavy Metal and Japan. So we decided to put these 3 words together in the album title. We tried to re-define Japanese rock. We tried to re-define Japanese heavy metal. This album was not something we planned. Tak “Tone” Nakamine wrote most of the songs on this album while he was sleeping. He heard the songs in his dreams and wrote them down. As a result, songs in this album are simple yet powerful, as proven at their live shows. While rocking hard, you can say this is Imari Tones’ most catchy album since “Hero of the Light” and “Japanese Pop”.
Recorded in Yokohama Japan & CFNI Dallas Texas USA
**M9 "R.P.G." lyrics written by Tone & Famicom Dojo (Kevin&Sean)
"Victory In Christ"

Recorded in 2009Nov-2010Feb
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CD available at BandCamp
3:A Girl In The Mirror
4:Oriental Worship
5:One On One
6:I Want A Revival
7:God Kids
8:The Wandering Savior
10:A Bow And An Arrow
11:Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
14:Faith Rider
This is "Christian Rock from Japan"!. This is our Love Offering. Kick-ass 80s heavy metal sound with faith! Tak and IMARi ToNES always focused on Love, not on success or fame. It is not what we can get, but what we can give. We always did our recordings independently, and we wanted do that once more, with our Faith for God. After we came back from our first tour in the United States, Tak heard God's voice and he thought now he could make a real Christian rock album. Tak has done his best songwriting ever in this album. Unlimitted guitar riffs, so many rhythm changes, and soaring high melodies. It was only possible with the power of Holy Spirit. The result is quite a unique rock sound, influenced by Rush, Van Halen, Stryper combined. It may still not perfect, but this is our Love and this is our Devotion. Now "Faith Rider" is our most powerful metal song, and "Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do" is now our best ballad song. All songs are sung in English. This is 3rd Imari Tones's album made for international market.
"IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone"

Live Recorded in 2010 February
Free download available at BandCamp
4:Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
5: i love you, now ur on your own
6:Only One Wish
7:Iron Hammer
8:Winning Song
9:Faith Rider
10:Pray For Japan
Live recording is an important milestone for musicians. However, for an independent band like us, it's not always easy to do a live recording with good quality. These live recordings, as their recording quality may not be good, are just like official-bootlegs, which shows our history. The reason we made these 2 live records free was, because it was simply a blessing we want to share. History of Imari Tones, started as an ordinary Japanese local band, and eventually became a Christian Rock Band. So we want to offer these live recordings to show you what we are....the first Christian heavy metal from Japan.

"IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone" is a live recording at Gloryzone Ministries, long island New York, February 2010. It was one of the best concerts we had so far. And the real miracle was when Tak said "No, you don't have to pray for us. But please pray for our nation Japan." Yes, that is our goal and our promise. We have to change our nation. We are soldiers. We are sacrifices.
"IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone 2" is a live recording, 1 year later, May 2011. Somehow, it looks like playing this long island church has a special meaning for us..In contains speech and prayer as well as songs, and they show you how our battle went on, how we prayed, and how God answered, just after the big disaster in Japan.
"IMARi ToNES in Glory Zone 2"

Live Recorded in 2011 May
Free download available at BandCamp
1:Our Prayer for Japan May 2011
2:The Concept
4:Living Water
5:Winning Song
6:Jesus Train
7:Iron Hammer
8:He's Still With Us
9:Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
10:Faith Rider
"Welcome To The School"

Recorded in 2008
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CD available at BandCamp and CDBady
Our Side
1:Welcome To The School
3:God Has No Name
5:i love you, now ur on your own
6:Never Too Late To Learn
His Side
7:He's Still With Us
8:Only One Wish
10:First Pop
11:Rockn'Roll is the proof God loves us
12:Graduated From The School
After the release of "Japanese Pop", Tak "Tone" Nakamine became a Christian. This is a concept album about relationship between human and God. It's a fairytale of an imaginary school called "School Of Saviors" where we can learn about faith, love, and God. First half of the album is called "Our Side", with the songs emphasizing on hard rock sound and heavy metal riffs. Second half of the album is called "His Side", focusing more on worship songs and praising God. The reason we parted this record in 2 parts is, because we wanted to depict an inner battle inside human's mind. Because we think, in order to understand God's law, man has to break all the illusions made by human world. That's why "Our Side" is full of hard songs, fighting doubts in his own mind. This album includes band's favorite songs to perform live, like very powerful "Illusions", catchy rock tune "i love you, now ur on your own" and glorious worship song "Only One Wish". All songs are sung in English. This is the first Christian record by Imari Tones. A big thanks to Dr.Manzo, who provided us his secret base to create this record.
"Japanese Pop"

Recorded in 2006
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CD available at BandCamp and CDbaby
1:Winning Song
2:Karma Flower
3:That's Why I Love You
4:Iron Hammer
5:Speechless Speaker
6:Skies Of Tokyo
8:New World
9: I
10:Winning Song (Japanese)
In 2006, Imari Tones met a producer called Tak Yonemochi. He was a famous Rock Journalist and a guitarist of a Japanese band Air Pavilion. Tak Yonemochi and IMARi ToNES recorded 7 songs in Tokyo, and after that, Tak Yonemochi took the band to his good friend Sascha Paeth, a world renowned heavy metal producer. We recorded 3 songs with Sascha in Wolfsburg, Germany, including super catchy song "Karma Flower". We put those songs together and here is "Japanese Pop", a real hard rock record by a Japanese band. While Sascha did a world class job on 3 songs, Tak Yonemochi used his analogue recording equipment (Yes, it's TAPE.) to get a warm and punchy sound. Tone used Yonemochi's Bogner Fish Preamp to get his dream guitar sound. Result is the best sounding album of Imari Tones, with its best song selection. Not all songs here were actually new. We picked songs from our previous records and changed the lyrics into English language. All songs except Track9&10 are sung in English. This is the 1st Imari Tones' album made for international market.
Produced by Sascha Paeth and Tak Yonemochi
Recorded in Wolfsburg Germany and Tokyo Japan
Imari Tones has always recorded their music in DIY way.
It was because their goal was to make a personal art, rather than commercial product.
Following 10 albums were made before Imari Tones became a Christian band.
They are mostly sung in Japanese language.
And they are more personal music, based on Japanese background.

Recorded in 2005 September-December
Download available at iTunes, Amazon and BandCamp.
1:Sirase Kitaru
2:100 Wonders
3:Hatsuharu Renpu
4:Nanikawo Shinjite
6:Uwakina Kangaroo
7:Ev'rything's Al'right
8:La Mere
9:Silent Hearts
10:Seitokaisitsu Blues
This is 10th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 4th of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. This is a pop rock album with different music styles. This is a celebration of completion of 10 albums, independently recorded, all in Japanese language, native rock music by a Japanese boy from a local city. In the song "Sirase Kitaru" Tak was singing about old prophecy coming true, and he was singing about Jesus without knowing it. (He was not a Christian back then.) In "Nanikawo Shinjite" he sings "I wish I could believe in something." Probably this was the beginning of new spiritual side of Imari Tones. "Silent Hearts" is a typical 1980s style Japanese rock song. "Hatsuharu Renpu" is the original version of "Karma Flower" with Japanese lyrics and more Japanese vibe. All song in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo, famous summer fireworks festival in old small streets in Tokyo, and this picture has an old local Tokyo vibe.
"Color Of Hers"

Recorded in 2005 September-December
Download available at iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp.
2:Break Through
5:Samurai Kids
8:Jibun Theme
9:Hitorini Naranaide
12:Koi Ha Kowaiyo
This is 9th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 3rd of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. This is a classic hard rock record and Tak tried to make this record in 1970's way. Surprisingly, most of the songs in this record are the songs Tak wrote in his highschool days. Regardless the fact, some people (and some music critic) say this is the best Imari Tones' album out of first 10. (Our first 10 albums are recorded independently, and sung in Japanese language.) So here is a Teenage Rockn'Roll by a Japanese local boy. Somewhere between Led Zeppelin, Queen, Van Halen, Nirvana, and Japanese Rock. All songs are sung in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Marie (Tak's wife), from her back, showing her natural brown hair color, which is unusual for a Japanese girl. Tak's favorite color is Red, Marie's favorite color is Blue, and Imari Tones is a music which has never been born if we didn't meet each other in our highschool days.
*Track 1&3 were remixed in 2017 for some sound improvement.
**M2 "Break Through" written by Tone & Daisuke.S
"Reluctant Savior"

Recorded in 2005 June-August, Remixed in 2015
Download available at iTunes, Amazon and BandCamp
2:Kimi Ha Mammoth
3:If Only I Could Rockn'Roll
4:Phony Phony
5:Yoru No Uta
6:Angel Wind
7:fine tune
8:Osanagokoro No Funk
10:Bokura Noutenki
11:3chords De Ikou!!
This is 8th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 2nd of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. While previous album has its focus on unusual music style, this is more like "an ordinary life" album with more relaxed vibe, and it contains many pop tunes. "Kimi ha Mammoth" is a candy pop tune about Japanese school life. "Phony Phony" is an experimental tune with tricky polyrhythm. "Angel Wind" has one of the best guitar riffs Tak has ever played and features a beautiful chorus part. "Let's Go 3chords!!" conveys a message about loving the way you are and you don't have to be someone else. All songs sung in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Japanese local shopping street in an ordinary town.
- This album was "ReBuilt" and "ReMixed" in 2015 for sound improvement.
"Heterogeneous Species"

Recorded in 2005 June-August, Remixed in 2015
Download available at iTunes, Amaon and BandCamp
1:Saratoga Stream
2:Vitamin Glass
5:Flying Kitchen
6:Bouillabasic Inou Ryu
7:Kuusou Shounenn
8:Tooi Natsu No Komoriuta
9:Space Merchant
10:Chinese Mermaid
11:Bochi Bochi
This is 7th recording effort by Imari Tones and also 1st of the 4 albums Tak did in 2005 mostly by himself. During the band was on hiatus, being unable to play live shows, Tak decided to spend his time on recording. That's because he had so many musical ideas he wanted to try. Key word of this album is "Heterogeneous". Tak tried to do unusual and unique music style, just like he once did on "Kodomo Metal". This album has some unusual, experimental guitar songs like "Vitamin Glass" and "Saratoga Stream", while it also has heart warming pop tunes like "Kuusou Shounen" and "Bochi Bochi". All songs are sung in Japanese. Drums played by Tak himself. Album cover features Tak's left hand, which has a burn scar on it, from his childhood accident. He loves this "unique" left hand.
- This album was "ReBuilt" and "ReMixed" in 2015 for sound improvement.
"Hero Of The Light"

Recorded in June 2004 & February 2005
Download available at iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp
1:Winning Song
2:Pretty Color Flowers
3:The Imaginary Number Boy 2
5:Utsukusii Monowo Miyou
6:Must Be....
7:Kyujo Reppu
10:That's why i love you
11:Us In Wonderland
12:Mixing Girl Reflection
Recorded in 2004-2005, this is 6th recording effort by Imari Tones. Tone, Haratti and Minetti, as they played tight as a band, this is definetely the most catchy album in Imari Tones' history. This is THE JAPANESE BAND, this is the Japanese Pop Life. Hardrock, Pop, Punk, Alternative, we tried to mix them and tried to make the best out of it. In Imari Tones' history, this is the only era we tried to get the attention of Japanese music market. Basically this is an alternative pop record with sharp sounding alternative tunes like "Kyujo-Reppu" and "The Imaginary Number Boy 2". On the other hand, this album also includes straightforward hard rock tunes like "Winning Song" and "That's why i love you", which are still important songs in our live shows. Those songs were re-recorded later on "Japanese Pop" by Japanese producer Tak Yonemochi, but in this album are the original version with Japanese lyrics. Recommended for anyone. All songs are sung in Japanese. Album cover is a picture of Tone, Haratti&Minetti, having a party in a Italian restraunt, Shiki city, Saitama prefecture, Japan.
"The Record Of Live 2004"

Recorded live in 2004
Download available at BandCamp.
1:Winning Song
2:Must Be....
4:Growing Happiness
5:The Imaginary Number Boy 2
8:Us In Wonderland
9:That's why i love you
12:Mixing Girl Reflection
13:Pretty Color Flowers
After a few years of struggling, it was in 2004 the band was finally formed. Tone (guitars, vocals), Haratti (drums) and Minetti (bass), they started playing gigs in Tokyo. This is a simple record of those performance, direct from mixing console of each venue. Live recordings are milestone for any musician, and we offer this live recording album because we want to share with you how we fought the battle in Tokyo Concrete Jungle, how we survived against all odds. Tak speaks to audience with all of his soul, and the band plays so hard, trying to convey its hidden messages. This is the Tokyo Alternative Scene we have experienced. All songs are sung in Japanese. Tone's sister Mizuki joined on some songs on keyboards and background vocals.
"Entering The New World"

Recorded in 2001
Download available at BandCamp.
1:Entering The New World
4:14000 light years away
5:Wait For Me
6:Growing Happiness
7:Fly With Me On Spring Breeze
8:Why Not?
9:Angels of Rain
10:Young Wolves
11:17's Requiem (Intro)
12:Seventeen's Requiem
13:Nara Teku Teku
This is 4th recording work done by Tak "Tone" Nakamine, recorded in 2001, when he came up with the band name "Imari Tones" and decided to dedicate his life to music. Contrary to "Kodomo Metal" where Tak expressed his musical eccentricity, this album has its focus on Love and Emotion. When the world was trembling with shock as it entered new century, Imari Tones put its focus on personal love. This is the real start of Imari Tones, in its spiritual manner. With emotional pop tunes like "GoodBye,MySunchineTown" and a Teenage-Pure-Ballad "Seventeen's Requiem", this is probably the most melodic album in Imari Tones' history. Some songs like "Changes!!" and "Growing Happiness" are still being played live, as of year 2010. All songs are sung in Japanese. Drum tracks are played by software drum machine. Album cover is a picture of Marie (Tak's wife), standing in front of histric Nandaimon Gate, Todaiji temple, Nara, Japan.
"Kodomo Metal"

Recorded in 1999 April-October
Download available at iTunes, Amazon, and BandCamp
CD available at BandCamp
2:I Am Your Teddy Bear
4:Soft Song
5:Dreams of Bacteria
6:I'm a fish
8:Big World
10:Love Opens Your Eyes
11:Curtain at 2PM
13:Guitar House
Recorded in 1999 summer, this is 3rd recording effort by Tak "Tone" Nakamine, who back then didn't have a name for his music project yet. After learning recording technique with his previous works, Tak put all of his musical inspiration to this record. This is an explosion of young talent and this is the ultimate style of "Home Recording Rock". "Kodomo Metal" means "Metal for Kids".But this is not an ordinally heavy metal. Very unique music styles are featured in this album. "Minorities", "Sou", and "Kosei", if you listen to those songs and you will see what I'm talking about. Some people say this is still the Best album of IMARi ToNES. 1980's style rock tune "Big World" is still being played live as of 2010. (This songs later appears in "Japanese Pop" album as "New World" with English lyrics.) All songs are sung in Japanese. Drum tracks played by drum machine. Album cover is a picture of Teddy Bears, trying to make it look like a children's book.

Recorded in 1999 February-March
Some songs added later
Download available at iTunes, Amazon and BandCamp
1:Breath of Angels
3:Sunny Side Up
4:Zento Tanan
6:Mikotobani Katakutachi
7:Ima Kimini Aitaiyo
8:Zento Yo Yo
Recorded in February-March 1999, this is 2nd music work by Imari Tones. Without a band, without a name, but Tak knew he was doing it for Love. That's why he named this music project "Imari Tones" in year 2001. He named the band after his wife. Now his life situation getting better, you can feel some warmth and light coming in. Tak made this record to improve his recording/mixing skills, and it has some experimental songs. As a result, this album does not have any specific killer tune but all songs are solid and tight. All guitar sounds were delivered using Marshall Gov'nor Re-issue Pedal, but you will be surprised at how good it sounds. All songs sung in Japanese. Drum tracks played by drum machine. Album cover is a picture of the dog Tak had in his childhood. Some of the songs were added later, to make this album a "revised version".
"Through The Garden Of Gods"

[Now planning a revised version]
Recorded 1998 & 2001
Download available at BandCamp
4:Mirrors Always Tell Lies!!
5:Morning Rain -snail song-
6:MONO Gokoro
7:Must Be....(98 version)
8:I will live
9:Through The Rain Of Tears
10:Etude Infant
In 1998, Tak "Tone" Nakamine started making his music in his private studio. That's the beginning of Imari Tones, which later becomes "The first Christian heavy metal band from Japan". Back in 1998, it was not even a band, and it didn't have a name yet. Tak was making music without knowing why. It was not for success. It was just a therapy he needed. So here is the 1st independent music work by Imari Tones. It has a dark mood, due to Tak's life situation back then. Yes it was born in a dark place. Because this was the 1st recording experience for Tak, this may not be a perfect record. But it has some good pop rock tunes like "Mayoigo", "Mirror Always Tell Lies!!" and "MONO Gokoro". Also "Through The Rain of Tears" is probably only "Visual-Kei" song in Imari Tones' history. All songs sung in Japanese. Drum tracks were played by a drum machine. Track 9&10 were recorded in 2001. Album cover is a picture of Cosmos flowers, taken somewhere in Kawasaki city, symbolizing two persons trying to live together in this lonely world.
"Atomic Live!"

Recorded Live in November 2014
Free Download available on BandCamp
1:The Concept
5:Iron Hammer
7:Dying Prophet
8:Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
9:Born To Ride
10:Faith Rider
It was not something planned beforehand when Imari Tones played a live recording session at Back Beat, Minamisoma, Fukushima, the music venue that was only 15 miles away from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Imari Tones was in Fukushima, when a certain gig was cancelled at the last moment. The band didn't want to disappoint their fans, so they sought for an alternative venue. They found out Back Beat (Sound Factory Studio) in Minamisoma was the only available choice for them, and the venue was located only 15 miles away from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, that had been broken since the Tsunami disaster on March 11, 2011. When they booked the venue, they also decided to do a live recording for this off the cuff gig. The result is "Atomic Live!". It's an unconventional live album recorded at a small venue with only handful of fans. We decided to release this live recording because we thought it was a good opportunity to tell the world about the situation in Japan. Since the day the nuclear plant was broken, people in Japan have been living in danger, exposed to this radioactivity thing. Many people stopped caring about it and it became our normal life. Doing a live recording session only 15 miles away from the broken plant is a crazy thing. But people don't see it crazy any more. That's the craziest, and the funniest part about this album. The reason we came to Fukushima was to spend time with people here, and the reason we came to Minamisoma venue was to pray. After all, we are Christians. We believe, with God's help, things can be changed in a positive way.
Musically speaking, this live recording captures Imari Tones' best performance, with big guitar sound and thunderous beat. Interestingly, due to the timing of this unplanned release, this album contains some songs from our next album, as well as "next next" album.
"Revive The World"

Recorded in February-June 2014
Released in October 2015
Download available at iTunes, Amazon and BandCamp
CD available at BandCamp
2:The Imaginary Number Boy 3
4:Unknown Road
6:Steel Wheels
7:Heaven's Gate
8:Ripping Through Hell
9:Invisible Rain
11:Born To Ride
Imari Tones has been always "musically diverse" type of hard rock / heavy metal band. Even though they throw straightforward heavy metal punches here and there, they have always been referred to more diverse type of hard rock bands such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Living Colour and even more alternative stuff. In this album titled "Revive The World", this musical diversity and depth are expressed in their best forms. Just like any other album from Imari Tones, the driving force behind it is spiritual joy and excitement. This spiritual elevation is a result from their touring experience both in Japan and USA, playing numerous venues including street festivals, camping sites, schools, churches and skateparks. (No wonder this album contains some skateboarding songs.) The spiritual elevation achieved here is certainly a landmark in their mostly-independent music career and the band is very happy with that. "This is probably our Physical Graffiti.", Tak, the guitarist/singer says. "If Van Halen, this is probably our Fair Warning, with the musical diversity and depth. Or OU812, if you are more of a Van Hagar guy (laugh)". Tak also talks about the story behind the album title and artwork. "The world is changing rapidly recently. Especially in Japan, after the 2011 Tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster, things are really uncertain. The future is unknown and we are all hurting. This world needs a healing. A spiritual healing. We need more Love, not Hate. So this is our spiritual healing in the music form." Also Tak doesn't forget to mention the band's most important message. "We wanted to prove we can do it all in a form of Christian Rock. I think Christian rock scene is very much saturated for a long time now. So, as a band from Japan where Christianity is still rare and perceived differently, we wanted to throw something fresh. I'm sure people will smile when they hear our almost-ridiculous straightforward message screaming "I ride for JESUS!".
"Jesus Wind"

Recorded in February-June 2016
Released in November 2017
Download available at iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp
CD available at
Bandcamp, CDbaby and more
2:Dying Prophet
3:God's People
4:Saints Seeking Salvation
6:The War
7:The Peace
9:The Wave
10:When The Nation Falls
11:This is How Freedom Dies
13:Don't Stop Walking
15:New Jerusalem
Tak has always said he wanted to make a concept album about Japanese history, because even though Japan was mainly a Buddhism nation it had its own Christian history. But when he said that he didn't actually think it was possible. Because it seemed too difficult, too heavy a task for an indie musician. These Japanese Christian history and legends, often times sad and tragic, are mostly unknown even to Japanese people.
However while watching and experiencing political and spiritual turmoil not only in Japan but also all over the world, he came to realize. History is not only about the PAST, but also about the FUTURE. With a hope to make a better future, he decided to search for the spiritual nature of Japanese nation, hidden in the history. A history full of mystery.
Naturally he reached for many books for historical information, but more than that he tried to go deep down in his own soul. Because he believed that real history was written in the soul of people rather than in a book.
This album consists of 3 parts: Past, Present and Future. The Past part is about ancient age, singing about Samurai's code and Japanese Buddhism in which Christian influence is actually found. The Present part is about more recent period and modern age. There are songs about the World Wars and Japan's economic growth in the last century. The Future part is where things get dramatic and spiritual. It leads to a spiritual revelation and eventual discovery of genuine faith for Japan nation. As a result, this album is something can be called "Musical Prophecy" about spiritual situation for Japan. While it's up to listeners what they will find in the music, Imari Tones are very proud of this achievement. At least you can say this is the heaviest, most intense heavy metal album Imari Tones has ever made.